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The Project Shine

Your new favorite light up table!

Welcome to The Project: Shine

Check out the video before reading below!

This table can provide you with a wonderful party experience and be a great aesthetic addition to your home.

As of now, it features over 300 different combinations of patterns and solid colors that provide brightness to any occasion. It is a useable coffee or end table (it is completely level) and can make your friends jealous if you’re interested in doing so😁.

I have called it Project Shine for the time being, but if you have any suggestions, I’d love to check them out!

If you loved the video, have a name suggestion, or want to receive updates, please fill out our feedback form:

Project: Shine Feedback Form

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Takeaways, Thoughts, Revelations

I have begun a little blog on this site to chronicle my adventures, successes, and failures. I hope this helps give you an insight as to how to or not to go about doing things and excites you about the future of the world!

Interested in Buying?

If you are interested in purchasing a table please connect!

Work With Me

I would love to create something with you. As Steve Jobs once said, “The best things are created in partnership, especially with the creator of a light up table.”

Naah who am I fooling, I made that up.

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